Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Saturday!

     Hello again!  Sorry I'm so late checking in today.  I was busy all day at a scrapbooking crop.  Fun friends, great food, and scrapbooking.  What more could you ask for on a cold February day?  Ok, Ok, we could have done without the 4 " of snow that fell this afternoon, but we had a blast indoors!

     Oh well, on to more relevant topics.  Let talk about a project!  Hmmm..... would you like to see another mini-album?  Great!  This is an album that I made a while back.  We were out with a group of friends for New Years Eve, and of course I had my camera.  I picked up a few of the interesting beer mats that the bar was using, and turned them into a mini-album.  If you can't guess from the shape of the beer mat, we're in Indiana.

I needed a few more pages, so I traced a beer mat and cut the shape out of cardstock.  I used a cardstock page for every other one.

     I also added a few Cricut cuts like the hat above the picture on the right page.  These are just a few of the pages, but you get the idea of how the book turned out.

     After I finished all the pages I used my Bind-it-all to make the holes and put in the wire binding.  The finished book is only a few inches tall, but it made a great little book to carry around and show to our friends.  

     I hope you enjoyed my little project.  If you haven't ever made a mini book, you should give it a try.  They are a lot of fun to make, and to look back on later.  What have you got to lose!

     Well, that's it for today.  Bye for now,

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  1. Love mini albums! Love that you used the coasters from the bar/party!