Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Already!

     Whew!  Where did the weekend go?  Oh well, it was crazy-busy-fun while it lasted.  I hope yours was great too!  I had a fabulous time at the crop I attended on Saturday, and they raised some money for a good cause.  Now I'm trying to catch up with real weekday life again.  But I can't complain too much - spring has sprung in my gardens, and new life is poking up through the soil.  I'm sooo ready for spring!

     For today, the rainy weather makes a perfect day for crafting (and cleaning, but that's no fun to talk about).  I have a stamped card to share with you.  I used a stamp from a set that my husband Mick and our grandson Dalton picked up for me at an auction.  Wasn't that sweet!
     Sorry the color doesn't show too well in the picture.  You can see that this paper is very sparkly, and the entire card is done in shades of brown and green.  These stamps are very detailed, and have very fine lines so the image ends up looking quite delicate.  What do you think?

     Well, my clean laundry is waiting for me, so I'd better get busy folding.  If I hurry, I might sneak in some craft time later!

Bye for now,


  1. Great idea for a masculine card! I like the colors and the stamp!

  2. This is a great card!!
    If you are interested, come over to my blog and I have an award for you...


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